Be trendy With Temporary Tattoos

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What is common between Angelina Jolie, members of the heavy metal band Metallica and your next door neighbour who is an IT geek? For all of you who haven’t guessed it, it’s a temporary tattoo. Temporary tattoos are a rage these days. Many people sport tattoos nowadays so much so that they have become a style statement amongst the young generation. Now, let’s understand what a temporary tattoo actually is. It is a mark or a figure made on the skin for beautification or other reasons. These come in different varieties such as stick on tattoos, rub on tattoos or spray painting tattoos. In earlier times, permanent tattoos were used in many countries. The most common ones that come to our minds are the skull shaped tattoos by pirates.

Tattoos come in various shapes, sizes and colours and can be personalised as per your requirements. There are varied forms of tattoos available in the market motifs such as butterfly tattoos, cross tattoos, fairy tattoos, dragon tattoos, scorpion tattoos, snake tattoos, rose tattoos, armband tattoos, Chinese sayings, Japanese symbols… the list goes on. Due to their huge variety, these tattoos are now being used for promotional advertising also. New Zealand’s renowned online promotional gifts company, Earth First has a huge range of temporary tattoos on display at their website These temporary tattoos are available in four colour process inks in 45×50 mm sizes. These can be customised according to your company’s needs.

So, whatever be the occasion be it a fund raising ceremony for your club, a basketball tournament in your school, a social community event or a charity concert, you can create a huge impact by sporting these cool and funky tattoos depicting your brand name and logo on them. These tattoos are simple style statements that can be easily applied on the skin. To do so, you should press the paper tattoo on the surface of the skin, wet the tattoo on the outer surface, and then hold down for 30 seconds. Then slowly remove the paper off the skin and you have your tattoo imprinted on your body! You can also remove your tattoo equally easily by rubbing it off with a nail polish remover or baby oil.

Although these tattoos are temporary in nature, you should prefer buying quality products lest they harm the skin. At Earth First, you will get USFDA certified tattoos which are safe to use and cause no harm to the skin. Besides, you will be able to get these quality tattoos for as little as $ 695 for 1000 pieces. So, why wait? Order these tattoos for your next promotional event and be trend setters in your business by using these trendy tattoos.