Promotional USB Drives

Earth First Printing is a New Zealand leader for the supply and printing of a huge range of USB and Flash Promotional Drives. We have literally hundreds of different drive designs from 512 mb – 64 GB. We can also custom make casing (in your logo shape colours etc) on orders of 1000 units and above. Low minimum orders on printed drives, starting at 100 units. Please view some of our USB Drive range below. Phone 08003733 99 for advise or a quote or contact us.

You can also browse more of our range from the links below. Please ask if you do not see what you are looking for, as our full range is not online. All Drives can be supplied with or without your data loaded.

Flash memory has evolved for the better these days. It is smaller faster and more reliable. Flash memory is used in everything around us from furniture, infrastructure, electronic gadgets such as cell phones, handy cams, blue tooth devices and computers are continuously changing to keep up with the times. Computers have now become objects of necessity, providing us a means to chat, e-mail, and listen to music and work. This also increases the value of USB Drives as a new form of marketing. Take your promotion message to your client base in a physical from. Flash and USB drives are basically mini portable hard disks for our computers, so we can easily transfer our data. Now getting large amount of promotional data, compnay reports, training videos, can be accomplished by using the increasingly popular USB flash drives that are we readily have available. Get your message to the market in style!
Due to the large amount of uses, flash drives are now being used by many organisations as promotional gifts. These organisations print their brand name and logo on their promotional USB drives of choice and and gift them to their clients, customers, business associates, prospective client, employees and shareholders during promotional events such as trade fairs, corporate meetings, conferences and other events.
Earth First, New Zealand’s has been suppliing hundreds of promotional items fro many years and it was the next logical step to bring in a huge selection of Promotional USB Drives such as flash drives we have available. We can supply a large variety of USB drives available in different shapes, sizes, capacities and colours. The storage space of the flash drives range from 512 MB to 64 GB. We also supply specialised USB drive printing, printing your company logo or brand name on flash drives, as well as some catchy phrases or jingles that can effectively promote your brand or company. These flash drives are suitable for all kinds of recipients, be it your regular customers or high profile business associates.

From trade shows for displaying a new range of products to festive occasions for your shareholders, promotional flash drives make great gifts for everyone. Additionally, the promotional flash drives will go through a long time of use and will continuously promote your company to its recipient for a long time to come.

For more effective brand advertising you can save on the flash drive a Power Point presentation that contains all your company details complete with an auto-run program.

Ordering from us is simple and one of our account managers will guide you thourgh every step. So contant Earth First, for great quality USB drive printing, that will make your next promotional event a huge success.
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