Printers and Publishers File Advise

Software Files We Accept

Earth First runs a very efficient system of operation. To improve time turn around to get the job done efficiently , we have a very select file acceptance system that allows for fast service and low downtime. This in turn gives you a job that is not only cost effective but also there is a faster delivery time.
Freehand 8, 9, 10 MX
Illustrator 8, 9, 10 11- CS3
Photoshop 5.5 – CS3
Freehand File, Illustrator File
Supply graphics as a TIFF or EPS
FORMAT PDF, TIFF, EPS, JPEG (minimum 300 dpi)
We now accept Coral Draw
Quark NOT Acceptable (cannot view in house)
All Files CMYK colour for full colour printing or PMS colours on selected items .
CD, Floppy Disc

Ins and Outs of File Formats

Freehand / Illustrator
This is our preferred packages, the reason being is it is a graphic design package and changes can be made easily to the design (traps spreads, typesetting etc). This is also the trade houses preferred package.

Photoshop Files (PSD)
Photoshop files are more suitable for images (photos), not suitable for text, making a change in Photoshop is not easy because it does not allow you to easily add text.

Coral Draw
We can print from Coral Draw

We can print from some PDF files (if they are set up correct).

We can only use JPEG file to print from (image only) but it must be 300dpi. We would only print from a JPEG if we had to. You do not create art in a JPEG file.

Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher
No we do not print from these as they are only at 72dpi. There is a service charge for converting these files and it is done on a job by job basis.

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