Credit Application

Application for a credit account with Earth First.

Please complete ALL fields in this application. A credit account will enable you to get a 14 day account. * subject to credit criteria ( This can be reviewed after 3 months trading and prompt payment to monthly )

Trade Details.
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Six Monthly

Terms of trading are strictly payment within 14 days following delivery of your product. Once you have a 3 month trading history of punctual payment on the due date, we can review this to 20th of the following. In the event of any default in payment we reserve the right to withhold supply until payment has been effected. Legal ownership of any and all goods shall remain with the Earth First until payment in full is made for them and for all other goods supplied by the seller to the buyer.


Pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993 I hereby irrevocably authorise any person or organisation to provide Earth First or it’s agents with such information as may required to establish my/our credit worthiness.

Personal Guarantee

As a sole trader, partner and/or director of the abovenamed trading entity I hereby give my personal guarantee that if the abovenamed trading entity defaults on payment of any monies owed to Earth First that I accept personal liability and will promptly pay in full any monies owed to Earth First.


I confirm that I am authorised to make this application for credit on behalf of the abovenamed trading entity and that all the information I have supplied is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

I have printed and retained a copy of this application for my/our records

I hereby declare that the above statements are true in every detail. The company agrees to be bound by Earth First LTD’s terms of trade and consent to Earth First making the relevant credit enquiries.

I/We agree to the above terms and have read the sales terms

You will be contacted by a representative to confirm your application .