What Is The Difference Between Duplication And Replication?

DVD and CD Duplication and Replication

Duplication and replication are used interchangeably by most people. However there is a difference between the two. Here we are going to explain to you in simple terms what the differnce is between DVD and CD duplication and CD and DVD replication.

We will start by looking at the duplication process. Duplication, also known as ‘burning’, uses a lasar to burn pits into a dye that is manufactured inside a disc. It is the process used by virtually every home and business computer today.

CD Replication on the other hand, is an injection molded manufacturing process that makes use of a “glass master” and stamps the image (‘pits’, read as zeros and ones for data or ‘waves’ for video and audio) into the extruded poly.

There are advantages and disadvantages for both processes. So which one do you choose?

Duplication is most cost effective for runs lower than 1000. It has a relatively low start up cost and quick turn around time.

However Replication is better suited for runs above 1000. The turn around time and start up cost tends to be greater, due to the process of making a glass master to stamp the image.

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