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We supply DVD5, DVD9 CD replication, duplication . Delivery New Zealand wide. Our range encompasses the complete range of optical, audio media, software, dvd-rom, audio cd-rom, DVD/CD packaging, DVD/CD silk screening & offset printing, with a full-service packaging and shrink wrapping fulfilment.

We have a lot of knowledge in the copying of multimedia products for the music, film, games and software industries. Earth First offers a fully integrated service. We have capabilities, which allow the ability to supply CDs and DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10.

We can offer a complete answer for your media DVD/CD duplication and replication needs – all in agreement with processes adhering firmly to our quality controls, ensuring the maximum quality of product and service.

Our main concern is to make your idea a reality. We will work with you each step of the way, to create a better product that you can be proud of. We understand the significance of your project and will do our best to go further than your expectations.

Whats the difference between Replication and Duplication?

CD Business Cards

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Full colour DVD5 bulk packed

Full colour Mini 3″DVD 5 bulk packed

Full colour DVD9 bulk packed Full colour CD format VCD/ACD/CD ROM bulk packed Rectangular / Hockey Rink shaped CD Replication
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1000 NZ $1.39 NZD $1.59 NZD $1.75 NZD $.99 NZD$1.29
3000 NZ $1.17 NZ $1.35 NZD $1.55 NZD $.89 NZ $1.28
5000 Enquire Enquire Enquire Enquire Enquire
10000 Enquire Enquire Enquire Enquire Enquire
10000 + Please contact us for a quote on our copying services.
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We offer services and Delivery New Zealand Wide.
Delivery 7 -18 working days from receiving the master disk depending on the job and the quantity .

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Reviews From Our Clients

“Just want to let you know that I’ve received the DVD’s and they are great. Looking forward to doing business with you again. Big thanks”

Chris – Digital Sense

“Hi Shane,The CDs have arrived and they look great! We’ll test a few out and let you know what our customers think. Your welcome to use those CDs as example for your other customers.Thanks for all the time you’ve spent helping me get them to look right”


Wild West Adventures,