Environmentally Friendly Pen Drives

Eco friendly USB pen Drives are increasingly in demand. These drives are wrapped in a protective casings which are made of materials drawn from recycled cardboard and paper, enhanced by artful designs. Recycled cardboard has been proven durable and shockproof. Additionally this casing is biodegradable so that when discarded or lost, it simply disintegrates without leaving any waste that could pollute the environment. These recycled cardboards are otherwise bound to be disposed to become part of a biodegradable mass. Environmental concern has gained prominence today giving rise to the popularity of products made of environment friendly materials. Our company values the Earth and her resources as we are sure yours do, let your clients and market know that this is one of your company core values by using these pen drives with as much recycled material included as possible. If you’re thinking of giving your associates with a high-tech and eco-friendly souvenir, our environmentally friendly USB flash drive is the thing to buy. Here at Earth First Printing we specialise in sourcing and custom printing your company logo on a super reliable eco friendly USB pen drive. You will find an eco friendly technological gift will transport your brand deep into your market with the long lasting effect of enhancing your company’s reputation and market presence

At present we are have only a small selection of eco friendly drives that are being present to the market, however we are working hard to bring you many more choices in products using recycled materials to represent a as smaller carbon footprint as possible.

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E401 available color: original recycled paper color

E402 available color: original recycled paper color

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