Exceptional Pen Drive Designs

Many original designs are available these days as far as USB pen drive designs are concerned, large small, lightweight and attractive. These appealing devices will improve your brand value both in terms of style and cost-effectiveness. Fantastic colours and shapes imply that the branded USB pen drives add a dazzle to your life and are very convenient to use. These computer USB pen drives are very stylish and have high standards of reliability, usability and data protection. Up to 30mbps data transfer rate, fully compatible with USB 2.0 and USB1.1 these drives have the most appealing “hotswap” technology: this permits the drive to be plugged in and removed from the computer without the necessity of shutting down the computer system. They can be used either with PC or Mac. USB flash drives are actually just tiny printed circuit boards that are provided with a USB connector. This basic unit is enclosed in a protective case: these cases are typically composed of plastic, metal, leather and even recycled cardboard. These days with rapid improvement in technologies, we have many unique USB pen drives commercially available in almost every shape or size. There is almost certainly a flash drive design, construction and colour scheme that will fit your branding strategy and make it possible for your logo to be distributed through the market while creating a huge impression on your client base and associates. A branded USB drive will be highly appreciated by the recipient and will remain in service for many years to come. Every time one of these drives is used your brand is presented to your client in a very flattering light.

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SE08 Available only in White

SE06 Available in Black White & Blue

SE03 Available in Orange Blue & Green

SE02 Available in White Black Silver Blue Pink & Purple

SE11 Available in Black or White

SE12 Available in Black or White

SE09 Available only in White

SE05 Available only in Blue

SE04 Avaiable in Black or Blue

SE01 Available in Black or White

SE10 Available in Black or White

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Please note that we have a 100 Unit minimum order for all Flash Drives.