Metal Pen Drives

Flash drives are available in varied styles and designs nowadays. We have come up with a unique and stylish USB pen drive designs, with our Metal Housing USB pen drives. They are strong and durable. You will be proud to offer such a useful gift to your valuable customers. High quality, reasonably priced with exceptional data retention, high strength and shock resistance makes it a versatile, desirable device. The credibility of your company will surely be enhanced if you are prepared to offer such a desirable and useful promotional gift to your clients, echoing your commitment to quality. As it is easily possible to have your company logo printed on the item, these drives act as powerful marketing medium that present your branding in a very favorable light indeed. Give your clients an eminently useful gift that give the impression of an expensive object yet maintaining an affordability you wouldn’t expect from such a high value drive.

The sturdy construction of the metal casing ensures your drive is protected from the rigors of daily use while teamed with the advanced technology inside the device you have an extremely reliable unit with ultimate data retention properties.
Make sure your marketing budget achieves the best possible results by giving your clients a gift they will carry everywhere .. with your branded printed beautifully on the case of your USB pen drives.

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#694 Available in Black Blue Red and Green

#692 Available in Silver Only

#690 Available in Silver Only

#688 Available in Aluminium Only

#686 Available in Aluminium & Black

#684 Avaiable in Silver Only

#685 Available in Silver Only

#687 Available in Silver Black Grey and Blue

#689 Available in Silver Black Grey and Blue

#691 Available in Aluminium Only

#693 Available in Black Blue and Red

#695 Available in Black Blue Red and Green

#697 Available Black Blue Red & Green

#699 Available in Black Blue and Red

#698 Available in Silver Blac

#696 Available in Black Blue Red & Green

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Please note that we have a 100 Unit minimum order for all Flash Drives.