Frosted Plastic Cards

Printed on a Frosted Clear PVC Stock for that unforgettable look.

Frosted Transparent Plastic Cards

These are transparent plastic cards with a beautiful frosted finish. The first thing your customers see of your business is what they will take away in their minds, therefore you need an elegant solution for what is often your very first chance to make an great impression. You can use a range of coloured inks on the surface to create a range of differnet looks. A transparent frosted plastic business card will give a look and feel of a “nothing but the best” entity that your client can trust to deliver to them a high quality solution to fill their requirements. Any image, any text or any optional feature can be added just like a standard card to realise the full potential of a business card.

Other Plastic Card Options

Embossed Plastic Card. The end result of this process looks just like the familiar credit card, numbers and letters are embossed and stand up higher than the surface of the card, then coated with a silver or gold finish. With all the normal advantages of our full colour cards.

Your own custom shape can be used to create a special custom die to cut out your cards making your card truly unique in your market. Add to this custom shape world class full colour printing process and any of the other options available for your card.

When you need your cards to identify themselves electronically in a scanner then you need a magnetic strip card. Special tiny particles of iron oxide are mixed with a resin and them applied to the card.

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