Full Colour Plastic Cards

Used for loyalty cards, club cards, membership cards the applications are endless.

High Quality Four Colour Printed Plastic cards

The “CMYK” print process uses a system of blending four colours to achieve beautiful high quality full colour prints on your plastic business card. The professional “litho” printing process used here creates a depth, detail and brilliance that ultimately gives you a print quality that will set your business card apart all the others. Manufactured from industrial grade PVC delivering an attractive, flexible and durable business card that will truly last the distance in the hands of your clients. These excellent plastic cards are also used as the building blocks for many of the other products we list here on this site, any number of additional features can added to the basic card to impress your market and improve functionality.

Other Card Options

With it’s embedded integrated circuit and on board memory the Smart Plastic Card can be used to track a variety of transactions or events directly to the cards memory.

Used for phone cards, IP cards or even prize cards, these scratch cards are a great promotional idea that still allow full on branding for your business at the same time.

Embossed Card. The end result of this process looks just like the familiar credit card, numbers and letters are embossed and stand up higher than the surface of the card. With all the normal advantages of our full colour cards.

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