Plastic Gift Cards

A great business model add gifts cards to your range.

The Perfect Gift – Gift Cards

Perfect for holidays, birthdays and special occasions, our plastic gift cards are a wonderful idea for friends and family. We can provide security packaging on the product to protect your investment. Also means to track each and every card. (see our magnetic stripe cards or barcoded cards which can be added to our gift cards) A great way to get new people into your store and to keep existing customers coming back. Promotions, refunds and special offers can all be easily administered using gift cards. Pre-loaded or reloadable with the amount desired,can operate with or without an expiry date and your choice of barcode or magnetic strip to suit your point of sale system. While making all the above ideas possible, remember the card is providing great branding exposure for your business all the way through the giving and redemption process with high quality full colour prints on both sides of the card.

Other Plastic Card Options

Our Metallic Cards are actually manufactured from a flexible PVC plastic like all our other cards, these are “metallic” plastic cards. With the look and feel of a lightweight metal, these cards can’t be creased or permanently bent.

With it’s embedded integrated circuit and on board memory the Smart Plastic Card can be used to track a variety of transactions or events directly to the cards memory.

Full Colour Plastic Business Card Manufactured from industrial grade PVC delivering an attractive, flexible and durable business card that will truly last the distance in the hands of your clients. Any number of additional features can added to improve functionality.

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