Magnetic Strip Cards

Plastic Security Cards Hi Co or Lo Co stripes.

Magnetic Strip Cards

When you need your cards to identify themselves electronically in a scanner then you need a card with a magnetic strip.To ensure the best data retention we use top quality stripes from Germany applied in a process where special tiny particles of iron oxide are mixed with a resin and then applied to the card. This resin strip can then have the appropriate information encoded or written into the magnetic material in the strip. We can encode certain characters and numbers on the cards at the time of manufacture, you would need to provide precise information on what is to be encoded and on what track. Used for a range of purposes from coffee cards to gift cards.

All published with a high strength PVC card that is both flexible, strong with an extremely good looking full colour print process applied to this card. You can provide your clients with myriad of functionality if you issue them with one of these cards, all while ensuring your brand is at the forefront.

Other Plastic Card Options

Perfect for holidays, birthdays and special occasions, our plastic gift cards are a wonderful idea for friends and family. A great way to get new people into your store and to keep existing customers coming back.

Manufactured from industrial grade PVC our Full Colour Plastic Business Card deliver an attractive, flexible and durable business card.

When you want to give your client a card that they’re not going to through away our VIP Cards send the right message.

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