Photo ID Cards

Plastic / PVC ID cards.

Photo Identification Cards

As well as the photo and personal details of the card holder, the usual logos and branding from the company concerned can also be displayed on the card. Photo ID cards are not a new concept however they are now available to a much wider market due to economies of scale making the technology to manufacture more affordable. Highest security measures stay in place throughout the manufacturing and delivery process to ensure the integrity of your ID Cards. All the benefits of a professional Photo ID card delivery are enhanced here with the highest quality print quality at the best possible price for your cards.

Other Plastic Card Options

Our Metal Cards the look and feel of a lightweight metal, these cards can’t be creased or permanently bent and will therefore stay looking good for much longer.

Used for phone cards, IP cards or even prize cards, these scratch cards are a great promotional idea that still allow full on branding for your business at the same time.

With it’s embedded integrated circuit and on board memory the Smart Plastic Card can be used to track a variety of transactions or events directly to the cards memory.

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