Scratch Cards

These cards have various uses such as Phone Cards, Scratch and Win

Scratch Away Cards

Used for purposes as varied as phone cards, IP cards or even prize cards, these cards are a great promotional idea that still allow full on branding for your business at the same time. Think of the number of ideas that could be applied to this technology to help you promote yourself and your business. Use the front of the card to present your company logo, contact details or your sales message, on the back you can continue to reinforce your branding and information and provide the scratch of area for what- ever purpose you have decide for your promotion.

All supplied ins security packaging

Other Plastic Card Options

A transparent frosted plastic business card will give a look and feel of a “nothing but best” entity that your client can trust to deliver to them a high quality solution to fill their requirements.

Full four colour pints can be applied to these clear transparent cards just like the standard full colour business opaque cards. The card still works as a first class high quality business card with all of the normal contact information and text details.

As well as the photo and personal details of the card holder, the usual logos and branding from the company concerned can also be displayed on these Photo ID Cards All the benefits of a professional Photo ID card delivery.

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