Smart Cards

Smart Cards with a range of quality Microchip options.

Clever Smart Cards

Smart cards are the next revolution in card technology with a small microchip embeded in the card that supports a range of functions. With it’s embedded integrated circuit and on board memory the Smart Plastic Card can be used to track a variety of transactions or events directly to the cards memory. A wide variety of industry standard integrated circuit types are available to be embedded on the card to suit the desired function your card will required to perform and the security system the will be in use. In addition to this fantastic functionality, the technology is wrapped up in very attractive full colour PVC flexible and durable card. Contact us today to ask how we can help you get this functionality in a beautifully printed package.

Minimum order on Smart Cards is 500 units.

A transparent frosted plastic business card will give a look and feel of a “nothing but best” entity that your client can trust to deliver to them a high quality solution to fill their requirements.

Full four colour pints can be applied to these clear transparent cards just like the standard full colour business opaque cards. The card still works as a first class high quality business card with all of the normal contact information and text details.

Perfect for holidays, birthdays and special occasions, our plastic gift cards are a wonderful idea for friends and family. A great way to get new people into your store and to keep existing customers coming back.

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