VIP Plastic Cards

Your VIP customers should feel special.

Make Your VIP Clients Feel Special

When you want to give your client a card that they’re not going to through away, one that has a perceived intrinsic value that makes it a pleasure to hold it in their hand, that’s the card that will make your clients and colleagues feel special when they receive one. The world class print quality and the use of superior materials that set this card apart. Many other features can be added to these cards to improve the clients experience when using the card. Ensure the VIP cards you award to your clients don’t end up being thrown away, take the opportunity the create a point of difference and improve the experience for your card holders.

Other Plastic Card Options

Full four colour pints can be applied to these clear transparent cards just like the standard full colour business opaque cards. The card still works as a first class high quality business card with all of the normal contact information and text details.

Embossed Card. The end result of this process looks just like the familiar credit card, numbers and letters are embossed and stand up higher than the surface of the card. With all the normal advantages of our full colour cards.

When you need your cards to identify themselves electronically in a scanner then you need a magnetic strip card. Special tiny particles of iron oxide are mixed with a resin and them applied to the card.

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