Printed Plastic Cards

Looking for a great deal on Membership or Loyalty Card Printing ?

Plastic Bussines Cards

Earth First specializes in a range of plastic card printing, from single colour to four color process printing ( Photo Quality ) on 0.20 to 1.05 mm plastics cards. Our services include, wholesale, bar-coding, encoding of magnetic stripes, embossing, thermal printing of numbers and hot stamping. …….

These are on a thick dense PVC plastic built to last . Exactally like a credit cards . They are very hard wearing

Key Applications

Retail Services:
Loyalty Cards, Membership cards, Shopping cards, Scratch-and-Win cards

Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance companies:
ATM, Account cards, Personal cards, Credit cards, Company cards,
Social Insurance cards, etc.

Mobile phone scratch cards, IP telephone cards, Internet cards

Transportation & traveling:
Car Insurance cards, Boarding cards, Door Access cards, Highway Toll Fee cards, Parking cards,
,Luggage tags.

Membership Cards:
For your members cards, Many applications

Special documents:
Identification cards, Temporary Residence cards, Driver’s license

Patients Registration cards, Medical insurance cards, Donor cards, Insurance-outpatient cards.

Karaoke cards, Movie cards, Internet Bar”Point”cards, Concert Admission passes

Student cards, Library cards, Examination Admission cards

Staff passes, Factory Access Control system cards, Hang tags for industrial and leather goods.

Other options available:
  • Make your signature panel transparent
  • Choose from our three transparent surfaces (glossy, smooth or rough)
  • Change your thermal printing from black to silver or gold
  • Other Personalization : Adding Barcodes/Magnetic Strips/ICs, Embossing & Tipping, Thermal Printing, Ink Jetting, Scratch-off Panel, Hot Stamping, Photos, etc.
No clue on how to design your card? No problem! You can request our in-house designer to design for you.

Wholesale enquires welcomed.

If you would like further information on this great product please feel free to contact us. Loyalty Card pricing

Phone: +64 6 7511163

Freecall New Zealand 0800 373 399

2011 UPDATE:

We now deliver this product freight free New Zealand wide to all main centers, Including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton.