Plastic Loyalty Cards – Best Idea for Promoting Business

The concept of distributing plastic loyalty cards is not new. It’s just that the companies are now looking for innovative ideas to make best possible use of loyalty cards. The inherent objective is to secure the loyalty of the targeted consumers by creating a long lasting impression on their minds.

Loyalty cards not just aid in attracting more customers but also ensure that old customers remain in the buying cycle. Plastic cards have the versatility to convey the intended business message in the most effective manner. When an offer is provided on the business card, it adds to the weight-age and goes a long way in promoting the brand of the business. Loyalty business cards are perceived to be an excellent means of enhancing business by leaps and bounds.

Benefits of Loyalty Cards

  • Easy to carry
  • Durable
  • Can be preserved for a longer period of time
  • Flexibility to customise as per personal preference
  • Great to look at

Loyalty cards can be presented on several occasions. You can give it to the dedicated customers when they visit your store next time. Other business events when you can give loyalty cards are seminars, conferences and trade fairs. Loyalty cards enable the recipients to derive fruitful benefits in terms of special discount or free membership. All they need to do is simply flash their loyalty card when they go about purchasing your product in the market. In respect of the loyalty card, it can be said that the value oriented offers that are embedded within the plastic loyalty card work wonders in promoting the brand and at the same time give a boost to the ongoing business.

Finding an authentic loyalty card printing service provider in New Zealand is a challenging task despite the fact that there are several players operating in this industry. Earth First is a privately owned multinational company operating in New Zealand. We have a specialisation in providing four distinctive colour printing techniques on 0.20 to 1.05 mm plastics cards. Our core services comprise of bar coding, hot stamping, embossing, magnetic stripe encoding, thermal printing of numbers and many more. All these techniques are applied on thick dense plastic cards that are appreciated for their quality and durability. Our plastic loyalty cards have been increasingly finding their way in banks and other financial institutions, insurance companies, retail stores, communication and transportation companies and many more. We offer customised solutions at the most cost effective price.

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