Earth First Sales Terms

Terms and Conditions of Trade:

  1. Pricing: Prices quoted on this website are for ‘print-ready’ files. We reserve the right to apply additional charges where more than 10 minutes work is required to achieve the artwork including graphics or text requested by the client.
  2. Proof Reading: Earth First shall not be held liable for errors where a proof has been submitted to and approved by the customer. We shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage to the customer or for any loss to the customer arising from third party claims occasioned by errors in carrying out the work.

  3. Confirmation of Order: Where a client has been provided with a ‘print-ready proof for viewing and subsequently confirms acceptance of that proof by email, fax or otherwise in writing, Earth First will deem such acceptance to be confirmation of the order. Earth First will not be responsible for any errors in proof reading that the client may make. “ Friendly Warning: Incorrect reading of proofs is the most common error we encounter.”
  4. Cancelled Orders: Where a client cancels an order after confirmation of the order but prior to any payment being made, the client will be liable for payment in full as if the order had not been cancelled. Where a client cancels an order prior to confirmation but where Earth First has expended resources including time and/or the procurement of materials or product specific to that order the client will be liable to compensate Earth First for all costs incurred and will otherwise protect Earth First against any loss including loss of profit.
  5. Return of Goods: Printed goods cannot be returned for credit or refund unless they are defective and/or the print work materially differs from that approved by the client when confirming the order. Any claims for credit or refund must be lodged in writing with Earth First within seven days of goods being received.
  6. Prompt Payment: Payment is due in full on the day an order is confirmed. Where a client has repeat business with Earth First, and that client has demonstrated prompt payment on repeat business, Earth First may, at its discretion, review and extend it’s terms of credit to that client by allowing payment 7 or 14 days after confirmation of order or by the 20th of the month as the case may be.
  7. Late Payment: All costs incurred in the recovery of any overdue amount including debt recovery and/or collection commissions, court and legal fees will be payable in full by the client/debtor. Interest may also be charged on all overdue amounts at the rate of 1.5 percent per month.
  8. Late Delivery: Earth First will not accept liability for any loss sustained by its customers through late delivery from any cause whatsoever including negligence.
  9. Print Quality: Earth First will match PMS colours as accurately as our inks will allow, on jobs that we use PMS printing, but we cannot guarantee close matches on anything other than white surfaces. Half-tones and detailed graphics may reproduce less than perfectly on some products and we will take no responsibility for such imperfections other than where we have made recommendations to the customer on our proof sheet.
  10. Fair Wear & Tear All goods are printed with modem inks and using a high quality printing process. However, Earth First shall not be held liable for inks wearing off products through fair wear and tear.
  11. Ownership of Goods: Ownership of goods hereby sold shall remain with Earth First until payment is received in full. At all times Earth First shall be entitled to recover from the customer the value of the goods (as invoiced) as a liquidated sum.

The above exclusions and limitations shall not apply to a customer as defined in the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.