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Web Design

Many businesses are realizing that as well as a web site, they need a business partner for the Internet. To us at Earth First, this means designing a web site that presents a professional image and providing world class hosting. We work with our clients to grow, market and promote their site, using all the tools and technology available.

We believe that the creation of a web presence is only the first step in understanding and utilizing the Internet technology. We like to work closely with our clients after the website is online to help them find their niche in the ever changing market place. The true value of Earth First is a business partnership offered over the long term. Click Here to see a few customers who have trusted earth first with there online plans

What benefits can a website offer your business?
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Because all businesses needs and budgets vary considerably, it is impossible to create a “one-size-fits-all” solutions.

We create completely customized web solutions for each customer (individually designed to meet different goals and specifications).

Services in which we specialize include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Website layout and design,
  • Corporate web sites
  • Video Engineers, Real Player, Quick Time
  • Sound Engineers
  • World Class Hosting solutions
  • Graphic design
  • Animation’s, Flash and .gif Click Here for an e.g.
  • Java
  • Java Script programming (to add interactivity to websites)
  • CGI programming (to add powerful interactivity to a website)
  • Search engine placement
  • E-commerce and Website promotion and marketing

There is more to bringing a great website to the Internet that just getting the site on line. There are many issues to consider such as:

  • Different Platforms
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Screen Resolutions
  • Image optimisation

So if you know you need an experienced company to do the job right the first time please contact us for a free estimate. We will then ask you a few questions, so we can help you better. Then we can tailor a custom solution to fit your goals and budget.

Please view our portfolio Here you will find a host of customers that have a had a hassle free experience with Earth First.