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The concept of distributing plastic loyalty cards is not new. It’s just that the companies are now looking for innovative ideas to make best possible use of loyalty cards. The inherent objective is to secure the loyalty of the targeted consumers by creating a long lasting impression on their minds.

There may be a lot of Tech promotional items in the market, but since of late USB flash pen drives have taken the market by storm, making it the best promotional item for creating brand awareness. They are perceived to be one of the fastest and the most efficient means of sharing files, pictures, email, music, video, presentations and many more. With USB flash drives, it is quite convenient to transmit information from one computer to another.
In the present day business world, companies are spending enormous amount of money on promoting their brand awareness. The basic aim is to establish a competitive edge over others operating in the same industry. It requires a great deal of effort to carve a niche for oneself in the business market. It is here that custom printing services come to play a vital role in not just creating awareness of your brand but also in boosting the sale of your products. Nowadays, it has become a fad trend to go for custom printing services in order to convey the intended message to targeted consumers. The prime motive of opting for customised printing services is to communicate the business message in the most cost effective manner.
Proliferation in the demand for computers has given rise to an entirely new arena of merchandise consisting of numerous computer accessories including mouse pads. It has given an impetus to the business of manufacturing attractive mouse pads also known as mouse mats. These mouse mats are highly versatile. They help businesses in promoting their brands effectively. Mouse pads are considered to be one of the most powerful tools of advertising. Besides, they do not require you to spend a large sum of money.
Pens are an indispensable item in our life and will always remain a perfect gift for all times to come. They are used extensively by people of age groups and hence serve as one of the best items for promoting brand awareness, thereby taking business to heights. Being a unique gift, they can be presented at any point of time. They are of immense use to businesses, as they provide a good scope to convey the intended business message to the targeted consumers.
What is common between Angelina Jolie, members of the heavy metal band Metallica and your next door neighbour who is an IT geek? For all of you who haven’t guessed it, it’s a temporary tattoo. Temporary tattoos are a rage these days. Many people sport tattoos nowadays so much so that they have become a style statement amongst the young generation. Now, let’s understand what a temporary tattoo actually is. It is a mark or a figure made on the skin for beautification or other reasons.
Featuring a wide range of printed mouse mats which are ideal for any marketing or promotional activity and priced to meet all budget requirements. Mouse Mats permit your company to be extremely noticeable with your publicity!
In the current market scenario where more and more people are becoming computer literate, flash drives have become the most in thing among promotional products. These USB drives are increasingly being used by many companies in their brand promotion strategies. Flash drives are data storage devices integrated with a USB (universal serial bus) connector. They are compact, removable and rewritable and have many advantages when compared to a CD. These flash drives find uses among working professionals and other users alike.
Earth First Printing is a New Zealand leader for the supply and printing of a huge range of USB and Flash Promotional Drives. We have literally hundreds of different drive designs from 512 mb – 64 GB. We can also custom make casing (in your logo shape colours etc) on orders of 1000 units and above. Low minimum orders on printed drives, starting at 100 units. Please view some of our USB Drive range below.
With the advent of promotional articles in the advertising and marketing world, the brand promotion industry has turned over a new leaf. There is a diverse range of promotional items available in the market for different companies. Some of these include printed pens, tattoos, golf accessories, flash drives, calculators, coffee mugs and fridge magnets.