How Do I Order?

Ordering is simple, just follow the simple instructions below.

The print ordering process can be intimidating and confusing to those who don’t know the steps. This step by step guide will help familiarize you with the process and make ordering with Earth First a little easier.

  1. Please contact us to request a quote on the printing you require. Please specify if you have print ready artwork or require design services. If you are doing your own design, please check the file formats that we accept here.
  2. Once the job is confirmed we will supply you with a specifications sheet/ template so your artwork can be supplied at the correct size with bleed or to match up to the printing areas available on the product that you require. EG here is our standard business card template .
  3. Once your design is finished please email your order to
    If your file is over 15 mb in size we will set you up a ftp account to transfer the file directly to one of our servers.
    It pays to zip/ compress the files to decrease the transfer size. Alternatively you can post the finished artwork on a CD to: Earth First Pre Press – PO Box 8036  New Plymouth, New Zealand
  4. Before we run 50 copies or 150,000 copies of your project, we create a proof that approximates what your job will look like after being printed. We will then send you a electronic proof of this file for proof reading and a through check, that the file we have received is exactly what you want. If a hard copy proof is then required ( May require an additional cost), we will courier you a proof once the electronic proof is signed off.
  5. You will then give us the green light to go ahead and make payment or if you are going to be purchasing on a regular basis open an account .
  6. This is the phase where your hard work pays off! Now that we have received final approval on the proof, your job begins production.Depending on your job requirements (speed, cost, quality), your job will be printed in one or many ways:
  7. Our courier will deliver your finished project to to your door. If you have any questions please phone us on our Free phone 0800 3733 99 or +64 6 75 88017 and one of our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to help with your enquiry. We look forward to working with you.