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Welcome to the Earth First Currency Converter

All Prices on this website are stated in New Zealand Dollars. We have provided a real time currency converter for you below for you to see what our pricing is like in your currency. Our Currency conversion is updated every hour to give you accurate results

The Earth First currency converter will convert any currency in to any currency. You just click and point and your conversion is done. It really is that simple. Feel free to use this free conversion service whenever you need it.

Simple to use Currency Converter

  1. Just type the amount you want to convert, into the convert amount box below.
  2. Then select the currency you want to convert on the left.
  3. Then select the currency you want to convert to on the right.
  4. Then Click “Convert Now”. It’s that simple!

Please bookmark this page and feel free to come back and use our currency converter at any stage that you need to do a conversion

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